FRANKENSTEIN by Landland (Jessica Seamans)

FRANKENSTEIN by Landland (Jessica Seamans)

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This is a limited edition screen print for James Whale's Frankenstein by Landland (Jessica Seamans).

  • 18" x 24"
  • hand numbered edition of 250
  • signed by artist
  • 7 color screenprint
  • 100# cougar cover stock paper
  • printed by Landland
  • released January 19th 2018 at Mondo presents "Universal Studios Monsters"
  • mint condition

From Jessica Seamans:

"When Mondo asked me to be in the show, Frankenstein was my first pick in the hope that I could do something focusing on the monster's loneliness, which is what I've always been most drawn to in the story, rather than his horribleness. I cannot think of anything more desperately sad than being brought into this world totally alone and unique among men.

"I knew I wanted to memorialize his one brief moment of human connection, and I used the mob and torches and dramatically lit rocks as a backdrop to remind the viewer that there is no respite for this beast, no display of humanity unmarred by tragedy, no happy ending on the horizon." - JS

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