GODZILLA (regular) by Laurent Durieux

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This is an official limited edition screen print for Ishiro Honda's Godzilla by Laurent Durieux.

  • 24" x 36"
  • hand numbered regular edition of 350
  • signed by the artist
  • 11 color screen print
  • released August 28th 2015
  • mint condition

From Laurent Durieux:  "The hardest part for me was to come up with an image that would go beyond just a city destroying monster flick. I believe that though Godzilla’s first goal was to scare the audience in a entertaining fashion, the movie theme goes deeper than that just that. The movie was released in 1954, so 9 years only after both Hiroshima and Nagazaki nuclear blasts. Imagine that! So for me, Godzilla (who became a destroying monster because of the submarine nuclear tests) conveys an entire and more poignant message. What if 'Godzilla' was some sort of catharsis about the atomic horror the Japanese have suffered? A way for the Japanese to turn the page and move on. It also most definitely is a way of saying, Hey Nuke power is dangerous when it goes out of control, it backfires at the humanity in most devastating ways, trust us, we’ve been there! So rather than depicting a monster spitting flames and destroying the city, I wanted to emphasize this angle, the historic/social interpretation of the movie. Naturally 'Gojira' was born out of a nuclear blast and that’s exactly what I drawn. I wanted to depict a contrast of the quiet landscape of the ancestral Japan with the modern day horror at its worst." 

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