IDIOCRACY by Shepard Fairey

IDIOCRACY by Shepard Fairey

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This is an official limited edition screen print for Mike Judge's Idiocracy by Shepard Fairey.

  • 18" x 24"
  • hand numbered edition of 2016
  • signed by artist
  • printed by Obey Giant
  • released October 9th 2016 as a partnership between Shepard Fairey and Mondo
  • mint condition

From Shepard Fairey: 

The seeds of Make America Smart Again were planted when Amanda and I noticed a legitimate correlation between the movie “Idiocracy” and the real dumbing down of American media we were witnessing even ten years ago.

I’ve always felt that art, entertainment, and humor can be the best delivery vehicles for social commentary, so I love the way humor is used in “Idiocracy” to make the social critique more digestible. The movie is a harsh but necessary indictment of the anti-intellectual culture and politics that seem to become the norm more and more everyday. The film is great in a cautionary way and has an enjoyable irony being a somewhat low-brow piece of entertainment about the perils of succumbing to a cultural rejection of anything intellectual or high-brow. In other words, the genius of the film is that it may actually get through to the audience it should reach, rather than just preaching to the intellectual elite.


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