MAD MONSTER PARTY (regular) by Mark Chiarello

MAD MONSTER PARTY (regular) by Mark Chiarello

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This is an official limited edition screen print for Jules Bass's Mad Monster Party by Mark Chiarello.

  • 15" x 30"
  • hand numbered edition of 200
  • released on October 15th 2015
  • mint condition

From Mark Chiarello:

“Mad Monster Party had a very limited theatrical release when I was a seven year old kid, in 1967. Me and my equally young pals sat there in that darkened movie theater on the last day it was showing (a late afternoon Saturday matinee) just glued to our seats. Most people talk about the first time they saw Star Wars or Raiders or Jaws, but for me, that afternoon, MMP carved a trench in my brain that has never healed. Every hardcore movie fan has two or three movies they can watch again and again and again. It's a comfort food, it's nostalgia, it's memories of a simpler time, it's crack cocaine. Damn, I feel like watching Mad Monster Party again right now!”

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