Hi there movie art buddy!

We at Rare Prints and Posters believe that there's never enough art out in the world and hope that you agree. Established in 2012, we've been having a blast supplying folks like you with silkscreened artist prints, vintage original posters and more. From our flat files to your walls, this is the place where you can pad your collection with some cult classics or start afresh.

Jaws (AP) by JC Richard

This week, for our 6/13/24 weekly drop, get out the popcorn and get ready for a drive-in movie worthy print for the ages!!

JC Richard shows us how it all culminated as the hunter became the hunted. Quint and his team versus the apex predator in his element...Or his feeding ground!

Is this a fight for dominance or survival? You choose, as we bid you enjoy this gem of a true landscape artist proof print!!

The Beach (AP) by JC Richard

We continue the suspense from a different viewpoint, and it looks like a very toothy one at that. With the view partially submerged underwater, it's easy to imagine an eenie-meenie-miney-mo scenario playing out. As the artist says, "Like ringing the dinner bell."

These artist proof prints are a part of JC Richard's Amity '74 series, making them a perfect pair or standalones. Who wants dinner??

Chakral Glow Skate Deck by dmtportal

Mind, body and spirit expansion isn't far from your fingertips with this tactile, skatable piece of art by dmtportal. Part of our new school deck releases, we love the boundary-pushing that this deck almost begs us to explore. It's beautiful from within and without. Please enjoy!!

From The Vaults

Evil Dead 2 by Todd Slater

The pictures of this gem doesn't do it justice. Two metallic inks and a supremo printing job makes this print a tactile wonder, if you could but touch it! Oh yes...and, the movie isn't too bad either.

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Perfect for the choosiest of the choosy. You know of whom I speak.