Daniel Danger

Daniel Danger's illustrative and print style is as intricate as it gets.  Using the process of reduction that evokes the classic prints of Albrecht Durer, yet set within a definitively modern setting, his creations of dark fantasy worlds and precision are all his own.  In his own words:

“For artists like myself and Nico Delort, the artist behind Black Dragon's first insanely intricate laser-cut release, we focus on reduction; creating light by literally carving away from shadows. Our originals have a textural feel and look to them that can't be recreated in traditional printmaking, so having a final released product that really pays homage to how we work, and has the look and feel that really only we (and the buyers of the originals) get to experience, is really amazing and unique. I was the first person to buy Nico's ‘The End of The Road’ and was blown away by it in person, and the test prints of my ‘Take Your Time...’ left me wordlessly touching it for 10 minutes; so I'm excited that my fans will get to experience the same feelings I've had with these releases.” 

Daniel Danger has illustrated and created prints for films, TV and many an album cover and gig posters for bands big and small.  He lives in the woods of Massachusetts with his wife, dog named after noted character actor Toby Huss and a daughter named after dual Grandmas.