Jason Edmiston

Jason Edmiston has a storied career, longer than most in the poster business.  It's not difficult to find people gushing over his artwork, and his admirers are collectors, fellow artists and critics alike.  Part of what makes Jason's illustrative technique so impressive is that he uses primarily traditional painting methods, acrylic paint on wood or watercolor paper.  He digitally paints and edits when it calls for it, so he's got quite the bag of tools to choose from. His style is vibrant and high contrast, producing a dramatic lighting style that he favors.  

From Jason, "Life is short.  Create as much as you can."  

His past clients include Mondo, Nike, Rue Morgue Magazine, Kraft, Misfits Records, Activision, Hasbro, and many more.  He has won countless illustration awards and lives in Toronto, Canada.