Drew Struzan

Few movie posters artists are as well-known and as well-deserved as Drew Struzan.  If you could sum up his posters in one word, that word for me would be ALIVE. 

Some movie stars have that it factor.  Drew Struzan has the alive factor.  Somehow, his movie posters, album cover and book cover art feel so real that you could almost touch the characters, and yet are otherworldly at the same time.  Realer-than-real, if you will.

Retired now, the legendary Drew Struzan has created over 150 movie poster art pieces, many of which are the biggest names in film. He has garnered an Alumni Lifetime Achievement Award from Art Center College of Design among others. Harrison Ford credits Drew's talent and artwork (of the Indiana Jones movies, books and Star Wars fame) to making his career what it is. 

In Mr. Struzan's words, "Pursue peace, pursue kindness."