Ken Taylor

Ken Taylor is an illustrator and poster artist who almost needs no introduction.  His intricate linework, bold color choices and compositions capture incredibly realistic movement that makes his artwork feel truly alive.  He is based in Melbourne, Australia, creating imagery in the music and entertainment industry to the delight of his huge fan base.  He has these words to say about himself:

"I do a lot of work in the music and entertainment industry and often collaborate with bands, studios and galleries. I love creating imagery. It’s the first thing I think about in the morning and the last thing I think about when I shut my eyes at night. My work is all about lush detail and bold colour.

My work is a never ending source of fun. I love to create illustrations based around the themes of music or film. As with anything, the key to staying interested in work has always been variety. I love the fact that at the beginning of the week I might be creating a piece of work that is all about beauty or expanse, and by the end of that same week I am making something brutal and confronting for Metallica or Santa Cruz."

Ken has done work for Mondo, Lionsgate, Sony, Activision, Apple, NASA, Nike, Under Armour, Sierra Nevada, AMC, HBO, Tripleclx, Metallica, Pearl Jam, The Pixies, Phish, The National, Queens of The Stone Age, The Avett Brothers, Jack White, Dave Matthews Band, Bob Dylan & The Rolling Stones.