APOCALYPSE NOW (variant) by Laurent Durieux

This is an official limited edition screen print for Francis Ford Coppola's Apocalypse Now by Laurent Durieux.

  • 24" x 36"
  • hand numbered variant edition of 175
  • signed by the artist
  • printed by D&L Screenprinting
  • released November 9th 2018 for Mondo Gallery Presents: The Art of Laurent Durieux Part Two
  • mint condition

 From Laurent Durieux,

"Three years ago, I was contacted by Francis Ford Coppola's collaborator to ask me if I would be interested in designing/creating the visual for a steel box edition of the film. I had to turn down the offer as my schedule wasn't allowing me to do it and told them that they probably would have to wait a couple of years before I could get to it. I was expecting them to tell me, "Well, okay, we'll find someone else who could do it for us quicker", but to my surprise, they said "Mr. Coppola will wait." Apparently, Francis didn't want anyone else but me to tackle his masterpiece of a film. What an honor!" -- LD

$ 595.00