BLUE VELVET (regular) by Matt Ryan Tobin

This is an official limited edition screen print for David Lynch's Blue Velvet by Matt Ryan Tobin. 

  • 24" x 36"
  • hand numbered edition of 150
  • released June 13th 2018
  • mint condition

From Matt Ryan Tobin:

"I completely immersed myself in this film while working on this piece. It played on loop for days in my studio.  I listened to Blue Velvet, the song, countless times; it already being a song I love.  I really wanted to capture the beauty as well as the sadness of this film, but have a slight nuance of fear.  Jeffery peering through Dorothy's dress is meant to represent his first glimpse into her life but also he ultimately exposes her heart on a deep level, in a way setting her love free. Free of Frank's violent prison hold. The shape of the parting curtains are akin to that of a knife's blade, representing the danger and violent world Jeffrey is unknowingly about to walk into."

$ 145.00