ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK (U.K. quad) by Matt Ferguson

This is an official limited edition fine art giclee print of Escape From New York by Matt Ferguson.

  • 40" x 30"
  • hand numbered U.K. quad edition of 231
  • signed by the artist
  • giclee fine art print
  • printed on 250 gsm Vitesse silk paper
  • released January 10th 2019 for Vice Press and Grey Matter Art
  • mint condition

From Matt Ferguson: 

"Last year I had the distinct pleasure of being hired by StudioCanal to work on the 4K John Carpenter classics. I conceptualised and made all of the key art for the films. It was a dream job for me and I am really happy the art came out pretty much exactly as I intended. My ideal versions of the art are the UK quad size, it's the way the art was intended to be viewed and also my personal favourite dimensions for movie posters, so I am really happy that we are getting to make these available to people."

$ 225.00