STREET TRASH (regular) by Chris Skinner

This is a limited edition screen print for J. Michael Muro's Street Trash by Chris Skinner.

  • 18" x 24"
  • hand numbered edition of 100
  • printed by D&L Screenprinting
  • 10 color silkscreen
  • released April 6th 2016
  • mint condition 

From Chris Skinner,

"Street Trash is chaotic and crazy, the melt scenes are my favourite parts and are full of colour almost to the point of being cartoon-like. When sitting down to first design the look of this poster I realised that there was no 'one' scene that could summarise this film (apart from the toilet scene but that's been done loads of times now) so I decided on a busy, chaotic composition using some of the main characters and I wanted to inject some energy into the work. The king of the junk yard stands proud at the top of the art and as you move down there are various other characters and scenes that fans of the film will recognise until we get to the melted man's head in the toilet. Also no print is complete without a tough cop throwing a woman!"

$ 60.00